4 observations in 1 expeditions

Recent Observations

Once we made it to biggest of the Farallon islands, South Farallon, we got a tour around the island with a brief history about it. Once they found a spot to drop the shark cage, we began prepping the Trident and 2.8 for its dive, while I suited up to get into the cage.

My colleague Zack and I got in touch with James Moskito, VP of Great White Adventures / Shark Diving International, to talk about joining them on a boat ride out to the Farallon Islands. Our goal for this trip was to test the Trident out in the open ocean, explore the sea floor, and get some footage of the ROVs interacting with some great white sharks.

We got on the boat at the wee hours of the morning and took departed the Emeryville docks by 6am. The trip to the Farallon Islands would take 3 hours. Throughout the ride out there, we witnessed a beautiful sunrise with the golden gate bridge, some whales, and a pod of dolphins swimming along with the boat.

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