8 observations in 4 expeditions

Recent Observations

Tamarack - the quintessential stop in Beckley, West Virginia that houses delicious food and beautiful art all in an easy stop from the highway.

The apartment at Heartland Ranch, set up like an old-timey town.

Hermione tries a new kind of pillow.

Still seeing the aftermath of last night's wintery vortex, we just passed a train wreck. 4 train cars in the middle of a much longer Union Pacific dumped their coal onto the plains of Colorado.

Icky weather begins. This is why one normally tries not to move in winter. Also, the horse boarding places are at a lack of indoor stalls because all the horses are hiding from the weather too.

We're currently following the Colorado River up into the Rockies. It's crazy to think how many people depend on this one relatively small body of water.

Step one is to get the goats into the truck. In this case, Luna was relatively well-behaved. But Hermione required a mid-air tackle as she she tried to escape over a picnic table.

Hi! I'm Amy, and serving on the ROV2PNG team as the citizen science expert. That means I'm interested in the many ways to better understand our world, especially the ones that include as many people as possible. Ideally, those people will then go on to make their lives and communities in better harmony with that world. OpenROV and its introduction to communities throughout Papua New Guinea is a perfect example of the potential for more kinds of people to contribute to our understanding of the ocean - especially in this region of the world where there's been little research attention. My role in our workshop will be to help all of us think about how to ask novel ecological questions that can include interested members of the public, children, and coastal residents. Once, one of my collaborators who is also a commercial fisherman took this picture of me - describing the scene as very "sciencey". We were out taking water quality samples in the nursery grounds for his crab fishery. In advance of our workshop, I'd like to encourage everyone to think about what "sciencey" looks like to them.