Gary Hancock

Gary Hancock

Naval Architect and lead Designer at Aquatica Suubmarines in West Vancouver, British Columbia.

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Erika can now cross "Surfing a Submarine" off the things shes done ! A little behind the scenes of a recent dive; We follow all sorts of safety procedures while operating Stingray and while operating on the Ocean all sorts of things can happen at anytime at a moments notice (as any ocean going person should know), which leads us to this image... A displacement hull power vessel, while encroaching into our operational space as designated by a surface support vessel displaying not 1, but 2 internationally recognized "Diver Down" Flags, was kind enough to provide significant wake to help keep us on our toes, or more specifically, Erika (as over dramatized in the picture). Although Stingray is a stable, High Freeboard Platform, and inherently waterproof (its a prerequisite for a HOV submersible), when stepping onto the aft deck one needs to pay attention to the surroundings and only experienced crew members attending operation business will do so. While some boaters give our team a wide berth and observe our dive flags, many (if not most) do not. We would ask that, if you are operating in any area where a vessel is displaying a diver down flag, to stay clear (150m minimum) and be considerate of the wake your vessel may be spreading and how it may impact others. You may never be aware or know what may be happening in the immediate area but by being courteous you might just help prevent injury or damage to the operation and its tools. Please become familiar with the rules and regulations in your area so we can all stay and play safe !! Thanks Location : Near the mouth of Howe Sound, Vancouver, British Columbia context : Returning from a scouting visit at 420 ft below sea level Diver Down Flag Wikipedia Article :

To Introduce Myself to the team, I am the Naval Architect and lead designer working behind the Aquatica Submarines 'Stingray 500', 3 Person Submersible. It has been a great journey helping design this Sea Exploration Vehicle literally from the ground up and now, experiencing her in operation ! Working in a "Submarine Design Office" allows for a highly dynamic range of daily duties, either behind the desk, on the ocean, or below the Surface. I look forward to contributing to the expedition narrative and documentation. Picture: Myself inside Stingray 500 while diving an Artificial Reef; Location HMCS Annapolis, Gambier Isl., Howe Sound, BC, Canada. Credit Diane Reid