Ocean Imaging Sail West Greenland

June 11 2017

Expedition Video

We're setting out from Kangerlussauq, Greenland, for a two week journey North via Disko Bay aboard the sailing boat 'Breskell'. We hope to document life in Greenland, and collect new scientific observations of the marine life on Greenland's West Coast. Updated expedition video, coming soon!

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June 11 2017


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Preparation Stage

Straight as an arrow!

When we spoke over Skype, Breskell skipper Olivier was pretty clear. He said (something like) "I'm planning to take the shortest route possible - straight across to Newfoundland, then up the coast to the shortest point from which to make the crossing to Greenland."

Well, Olivier certainly seems to be sticking to the plan - here's a screengrab of SpotTracker updates from Olivier and the crew on SV Breskell as they've headed more or less East-North-East from Virginia on their course for the past 4 days. It gives you some idea of the direct route they're taking, the good speed with which they're travelling, and (on the main map) how far they have yet to go.

For now the winds look to be behind them - the best place for it - and not too strong. Personally I'm a bit jealous I'm not there watching the big reaching sails do their work, but we're only a few short weeks away from meeting them in Kangerlussuaq.

Sailors are superstitious folk so we'll do our best not to influence any of that - but if you're interested in checking out the weather forecasts, head here: http://www.weather-forecast.com/maps/Newfoundland?over=pressurearrows&symbols=cities.forecast.dots&type=wind

And you might like this cool but not so 'current' ;) map of water movement in the area here (it's updated every 5 days): https://earth.nullschool.net/#current/ocean/surface/currents/orthographic=-59.35,41.55,2301


Breskell hits the water in Virginia

Another quick update from our co-explorers in Virginia!

Breskell has hit the water after about 3 years on the hardstand, being struck by lightning, and a couple of weeks of full on work from the team.

They've given her a big cleanout, repaired the electronics, a fresh coat of paint/antifoul, and are now blowing out the cobwebs in preparation for setting sail from Virginia on Wednesday (12th of July)! The plan is to head north hugging the coast, pass Newfoundland, then cross directly to Greenland before August comes around.

There won't be much mobile signal whilst they're crossing, but we'll do our best to keep you updated when we can.

Stay Tuned!

image-1 image-1 image-1

Nothing like getting a boat back in the water after a long time on the hard. Exciting!

Update on the vessel we'll be meeting in Greenland:

The idea for this expedition came out of an invitation from Ninth Wave to join them aboard the Yacht 'Breskell' owned, built and skippered by Olivier Huin (https://www.nwswb.edu/instructors/olivier-huin-2/). You can read more about his journey to transport Breskell through the North-West Passage to the West-coast of the US - and help make it happen - here: https://www.gofundme.com/breskell-yahoo-com

You'll read that the boat was struck by lightning in 2015! The lightning strike fried some of the important electronics, so Olivier and some of the crew are now in Virginia, USA busily working on repairs and preparing Breskell for the water after a few years on the hardstand. Olivier and Vari sent through these early photos - with more to come soon.

image-1 image-1

Wow, that's a beautiful boat. Looks like a great adventure.

Hi David :) agreed, that she is! Knowing Olivier built her by hand adds a whole extra element to it, too.

We're studying maps and skyping everyone we can who's dived in Greenland. General consensus is: few have dived, let alone filmed/collected scientific data where we're going. Adventure at its best!

Expedition Background

Ocean Imaging are a group of marine scientists, videographers, and enthusiasts, who work together to communicate marine science and environmental stories. We aim to work with researchers and community groups who might not otherwise have the expertise or resources to get their message out to the world. At this stage this is a 'passion project' for us, but we're trying to build something self-sustaining, and would love you to be a part of it.

We have been offered a unique opportunity to join a sailing boat in Greenland for two weeks this August with a team from Ninth Wave Global. Together we have an open plan to sail Northwards from Kangerlussuaq via Disko Bay, returning on a similar route.

Along the way we will observe and collect stories about the unique environment, local communities, and researchers working here. Greenland is a place of rapid change - social, environmental, and economic - and with change come trade-offs: gains and losses balance out in the end. We look forward to exploring and better-understanding some of the issues in Greenland from the perspective of those who live, work and conduct research there.

We'll add more information here soon, including a plan for our route, but in the meantime, you can check out some of our other stories at theocean.com.au or Ocean Imaging.