The Alderley Edge Copper Mines

October 9 2014
The ongoing task to explore, document and photograph the many mines at Alderley Edge Read background

October 9 2014


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Preparation Stage

A quick trip into West Mine recently led to some fun with Magnesium ribbon for lighting. Still amazes me that this place was hand dug in the 1850's!


Wow! That's a beautiful shot!

Thanks :)

Excellent picture! Lighting for shots in cave can be difficult too.

I'm a member of the NSS and will be passing through your area in 2015. I was wondering if there were any easy to access wild caves I could visit?

Lots to see in Derbyshire and Yorkshire Cave wise, but also hundreds of mines :)

Exploring Blue Shaft in Engine Vein


That's a great photo! Are there submerged portions of the cave?

There are a few flooded sections but mostly dry

What makes it blue?

Expedition Background

As the Derbyshire Caving Club we have had access to the mines since the 1970's and currently control access with agreement with the National Trust. Our on going task is to maintain what mines are open and explore the hillside for more lost workings. There are many ongoing digs which turn up very interesting workings dating back several hundred years.


This is AWESOME! I can't wait to see into some of those mines!