Tahoe Haxpedition 2015

May 9 2015

Expedition Video

We're heading up to Lake Tahoe with a whole crew of OpenROVers. The goal is test out a number of different features and modifications that we've been working on. Read background

May 9 2015


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Mission Underway

Happy Mother's Day from everyone at OpenROV!

Brian Grau 1 comment

Love it! This mother (and I'll bet a number of others) is so proud!!

Tune in LIVE to the OpenROV dive in Lake Tahoe. Going for a new record - 300 meters deep!


Current depth 220 meters

Preparation Stage

The first streamed dive of the weekend.

Here's the liveview: openrov-liveview.herokuapp.com/channels/4

Charging up for the dives!


Joakim's modified OpenROV


Jaime with his impressive custom ROV collection.


Zack, Jaime, Brian G.


Dominik is planning to test the gripper arm that Hub sent us from Switzerland.


Andrew, Dominik, Joakim, J.R


Left to right:

Darcy - In from Vancouver, pictured here with his heavily modified OpenROV (if you can even call it that anymore). He's taken this 230 m deep. Looking to push the record this weekend.

Eric Stackpole - co-founder of OpenROV

Erika Bergman - submarine pilot, Nat Geo explorer, lead explorer OpenExplorer

Expedition Background

Last year a few enthusiastic OpenROV developers and explorers gathered at a cabin on the shores of Lake Tahoe to Search for the Wreck of the SS Tahoe.

Bringing a mighty group of thinkers together on a collaborative expedition was one of the highlights of the year. So much of OpenROV and now OpenExplorer's improvement is dependent on community drive for solid and functional field tools. These gatherings are integral to staying true to our values as a company - to conduct and showcase high quality citizen exploration.

Bios and experiments to follow!