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November 18 2017

A group of three everyday females out to explore new terrain by ski, leaving no carbon footprint, to inspire other everyday female adventurers, to discover a new culture and to learn how changing climates, reduced snowpack and glacial retreat are affecting this culture and how they are adapting. Upon our return we intend to take what we have learned to help our own cultures make better adaptations to environmental change and implement plans to slow human impact.

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November 18 2017


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Name: Marian Krogh
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Expedition Background

We have been planning this expedition for over a year now. We have been training hard for the physical aspect of the expedition. Spending up to 8 days traversing the At-Bashi range at altitudes of >4000m will be very physically challenging. We have been working hard studying maps and previous trip reports to determine appropriate routes and to find out if anyone else has attempted anything similar in the past. The At-Bashi range is an area which had previously been explored very little. We've also been working hard to research the area's town, connect with some of the local residents and begin to investigate how climate change is affecting this mountain community.


This is an exciting expedition, Marian! Looking forward to following along.