Searching For Signs of Life in Nili Patera (SSLNP) Iceland Analog Mission

June 16 2015
We are developing the science and mission planning for a future mission to search for life in a Martian Hot Spring using analog sites in Iceland. Read background

June 16 2015


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Expedition Background

Decades of dedicated exploration of Mars has determined that the planet has everything needed to host life. The next step is to find it. We believe this will require a focused search of specific spots on Mars. One of the best, is the ancient hot springs of the Nili Patera Caldera on the Syrtis Major Volcano. We will prepare the science and planning for a mission to this Martian site by studying an analog site in the western highlands of Iceland.

jrskok 3 comments

I'm looking forward to this greatly! Yesterday you mentioned there are a myriad of reasons this particular sight is so interesting. Can't wait to hear why!

Wow!! What an incredible mission. Very excited to hear more of the details and follow along as it unfolds.

So cool! Excited to follow along!