Research Scientist Program

April 25 2015

Expedition Video

Marine Life Studies’ Research Scientist Program teaches research techniques to students and adults while we conduct research on whales and dolphins. We collect photo ID’s, along with written data and video footage of animal behavior. Read background

April 25 2015


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Preparation Stage

Amazing footage captured for Marine Life Studies' research project. All research was taken under special National Marine Fisheries Service Permit #15621 and # 1094-1836. Watch these rambunctious Risso's Dolphins cruise through the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

Wow, what a pod! What data did you collect from this group? Are they a resident pod or are they migratory?

Expedition Background

Our research:
-Facilitates a better understanding of the animals inhabiting and visiting the bay
-Is shared with other scientists, governmental researchers, and students
-Provides the baseline data necessary to implement effective conservation strategies
-Is used to develop educational programs
-Is used to train members of Whale Entanglement Team (WET) for central and northern California


Amazing organization! Have you connected with our other whale enthusiasts on OpenExplorer? @ashadevos and her studies of Blue Whales in Sri Lanka?

She mentioned she's a big fan of Instagram, have you had an opportunity to use it in support of Marine Life Studies? We'd love to follow and promote if yes!