Proposed Trident Expedition (Fiji)

November 25 2017

Since I am traveling to Fiji over the Christmas and New Year period, why not pack a Trident if one becomes available...what an amazing location to test the remote operation of Trident.

I will be spending my time on Viti Levu and plan to travel across the island to see how it is recovering after Severe TC Winston (the most intense tropical cyclone in recorded history of the southern hemisphere) made landfall nearly two years ago.

If anyone has any suggestions for the expedition then please let me know.

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November 25 2017


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Preparation Stage

It appears that Victor and his team at Reef Explorer Fiji ( share some common interests and might just know of some interesting places to visit on the Coral Coast of Fiji...

Take a look at some of their work on the reef here (

Expedition Background

Flights and accommodation are's time to sit back, relax and hope for a Trident!

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