Project GATOR

May 14 2017

We are saving turtles with robots!

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May 14 2017


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Name: Richard Barker
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Expedition Background

Derelict fishing traps continue to catch wildlife for years after they are lost. This "ghost fishing" is a huge problem for coastal wildlife, and the traps are hard to find and recover on a large scale.

We are using image recognition software and our OpenROV, "Bill Murray", to develop a new and possibly more effective search and recovery process.

Who are we?

Four current and former UF students: two ecologists, an engineer, and an environmental scientist, interested in solving conservation problems by taking advantage of the powerful technologies that are now becoming cheap enough to use.

We are grateful to TIES, a part of the State Department, for our grant funding.

Why is our robot named after the guy from Caddyshack?

We will use our OpenROV to attach a tether to ghost traps, allowing them to be pulled aboard our vessel by a winch. It is named Bill Murray in honor of his role as Steve Zissou, and because we will be using it to bust ghost traps!


I love this! Excited to be following along.


We're pretty excited. We were actually at an impasse with the project until I heard your TED talk on NPR!