Operation: Detachment II

August 11 2014
To explore the underwater wrecks of WWII aircraft and ships off the south shore of Maui that were lost practicing for the invasion of the Japanese islands, utilizing a ROV for both safety as well as preserving the integrity of the sites. Read background

August 11 2014


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Expedition Background

This expedition will be to explore the wrecks of ships and vehicles left from World War II on Maui's south shore. There are six wrecks in total. The project will cover the construction, testing & practice dives of the ROV (on the Carthaginian

Good luck

Lets get an ROV for maui!

I have been looking into the area of the proposed targets, looks like there is no chance of UXO, the area has been cleared, so as long as all we take is pictures & leave nothing but prop wash, we should be fine. I am checking with DNLR to make sure we are not in violation of any laws. As long as we do not move or disturb the sites, we are good with federal laws