OpenROV Project Week Intro

May 28 2015
Our HafenCity University OpenROV was built by students. To ensure ongoing usage and research with the ROV, it needs to be handed over to the following student generation. To do so we went to the Ocean Lab of the Jacobs University in Bremen to use their pool for some introduction and test dives. Read background

May 28 2015


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Mission Underway

For the following competition we had three tasks for each of the three groups:

1. Hook a magnetic hook, which was connected to a small arm in front of the ROV, into a loop on a sand filled bottle on the ground of the pool. The hook was connected to a string which could then be used to lift up the bottle.
This was a very fun task since it required a lot of steering skills and flair to get it into the loop. Additionally it needed teamwork for handling the string with the hook, the ROV cable and helping (or not helping) the pilot with lots of "up", "more up", "left" and so on.

2. Answer a question which was written on a paper hanging in he pool. Here the paper needed to be found, approached and the question needed to be answered.
This task was mostly for camera purposes. The tilt function of the camera could be used to correct non perfect steering and the question could be captured to buy some time for answering it.

3. Measure the (approximate) size of a printed object with the scaling lasers.
This task again required accurate steering to approach the object from 90° as well as camera usage.

The goal was to start at the starting position, finish all tasks as quickly as possible and return to the starting position. It was very interesting to see different teamwork approaches and how different the tasks were accomplished. We recorded everything with a GoPro so the full videos of the groups can be watched online (or skipped through since here are in fact quite long ;) ).


...But everything was working great with a combination of controller and keyboard.


...People got steering experience and we were able to (not very successfully) test our Play Station Controller...


After a morning full of talking, taking the ROV apart and putting it back together we went over to the pool to do some test rounds...

Expedition Background

Less of an expedition, this trip was intended to give second semester Hydrography students a proper introduction to the OpenROV #1058. The ROV was initially organized and built by students that are to date in the fourth semester. To ensure that the ROV will be used by students for research, fun and other things in the future, a detailed "handover" was needed. The new students should not start from scratch again.

For the location we got the opportunity to use the testing pool in the Ocean Lab of the Jacobs University in Bremen. Thank you very much for your hospitality at that point! The pool offers a great environment for testing purposes since it has very clear water, no currents and at the time no salinity.
The day was divided into two parts. A theoretical "dry" part with a general presentation about the ROV, our initial intensions as well as taking the ROV apart and putting it together to get further insight in the internal components and the whole built process. Following a practical "wet" part with some diving and a rally where three groups competed by accomplishing different underwater tasks to get some steering experience.


Wow! I love that photo!

I was going to say the same thing! Very cool photo. Looks like an impressive testing pool!