Lionfish popultaion US Virgin Islands

August 2 2017

I plan on finding where lionfish are, what areas are most densely populated and see what effect depth has on the population. The ultimate goal is control of the population.

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August 2 2017


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Expedition Background

Over the past few years I've been shooting lionfish mainly for sport and to protect the local marine population. There have been a few scientists who have conducted some research and I have been involved in some of those monitoring programs, however, they are focused on a very limited area. I've dived in many different areas around St. Croix, USVI hunting lionfish, mostly where other divers don't go, and I've seen a lot of variation in density of the population. I've been as deep as 200' on tech dives and seen the critters there, as well. Using the ROV I hope to be able to analyze different areas, various depths, to get a better idea of where we can focus or hunting. I hope this help open the door to more commercial hunting of lionfish here.