Exploring the social lives of fish that may save coral reefs

June 12 2017

Expedition Video

My partner and I travel from the US to the vastly under-studied coral reefs in the Gulf of Thailand. Why? To uncover the secret social lives of coral reef fish -- but not just any fish: these fish happen to consume algae that, if left unchecked, can kill corals and degrade entire coral reef ecosystems. So, the stakes are high to understand how these fish behave and how we can use these new insights to improve conservation of coral reefs globally.

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June 12 2017


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Expedition Background

We return to the mysterious coral reefs of the Gulf of Thailand to conduct cutting-edge research on the behavior of coral reef fish. With these studies, we aim to reveal the role of social interactions in the feeding behavior of fish that eat algae. These algae, if left unchecked, can kill corals through such means as chemical weapons, threatening the ecosystem as a whole.

Mike Gil 1 comment

So cool Mike! Excited to see this!