Contribute to Guardian Angels: Rovers Protecting Baby Desert Tortoises

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Thank you for supporting curiosity! Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

If I contribute, do I get any rewards or ownership?
Nope. Contributing to the expedition does not equate to any form of ownership or entitlement. Best to think of it as a digital high five - a vote of support that you want the team to keep going and producing great content.

Is the donation tax deductable?
Unfortunately no. In order to reduce the barriers to science, exploration and conservation, we didn't want to confuse anyone with complex legalities. It's up to the explorers to handle their own tax situation.

What are the fees?
Of the contributed amount, a small percentage (usually 3%) goes to the payment processing company (WePay) and 5% goes to supporting the OpenExplorer platform.

By contributing, will I become a sponsor?
Microsponsorship is a different thing. If you or your company or foundation is interested in becoming a microsponsor, please email