Conservation Music's Expedition #K2K

March 2 2018

Expedition Video

For over two years, Conservation Music has honed its ability to reach people in Southern Africa and around the world with information about conservation, climate change, and grassroots sustainability. Since October of 2015, we've developed a beautiful portfolio of educational songs and music videos, a healthy list of partners including the National Geographic Society, and an impressive array of accomplishments see 2017 report here, including a quantitative study and a documentary film.

In March 2018, the Conservation Music field crew is launching a sea-to-summit caravan from Cape Town’s (Kaapstad's) drying coast to Tanzania’s melting glacier, forming eco-educational music collaborations and working with and documenting the existing efforts of local NGOs along the way. This expedition is our third iteration of long-term field work, and it is by far the most exciting. Follow us to get updates from field as begin our 13 month mission.

Also, please note that contributions made below are indeed tax deductible in the US, because Conservation Music is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Any support goes a long way in achieving our mission!

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March 2 2018


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Preparation Stage

Photo/text: Alex Paullin. Today marked our first location video shoot for Expedition #K2K! We spent the afternoon in the dried out remains of Theewaterskloof Dam, capturing breathtaking footage of sandstorms and songlines, before settling in at our campsite for a warm fire and some delicious poitjie stew. The cracked clay, barren husks of trees, and scattered carcasses of fish whose puddles had finally dried up were a sobering reminder that what we are doing through music is part of a global numbers game of environmental conciousness. Our puddle is drying up, and we are at fault. Will we ever reach the grassroots tipping point that we need to reverse what we have done? It's time for musicians to do their part. #dayzero #tippingpoint #DOTchallenge


Our lead female vocalist, Chuma Preshy Mgcoyi, is a true asset to the group of artists writing and recording Cape Town’s #DayZero song this month. Through her mother tongue, Xhosa, the flare she brings to this track is truly tangible! Final vocals are being tracked this week and we are honored to have her onboard with us to spread this important message throughout the Mother City and beyond.
🎵🌍❤️ #conservationmusic #k2k


Next Thursday the team will join Jack Mantis and Andre Geldy at Cafe Roux in Cape Town to debut the first production of the #K2K Expedition! This week we have begun tracking the song, and are so eager to share it with you all at the end of the month! Be sure to keep following the progress as we will start shooting the music video this weekend.
🎵🌍❤️ #conservationmusic

image-1 and Jack Mantis step outside the studio to work on their harmonies in the open air, as the song continues to pick up more momentum. We begin tracking this week! Keep following for more updates on our expedition #k2k!
🎵🌍❤️ #conservationmusic


Jack Mantis guides the flow and arrangement of the rest of the musicians in the rehearsal space provided by our friend Phil Pells, who also hopped on bass for this track, while KhoisanBoyMan lays down melodies and harmonies. Team members Alex and Chris also lend a hand on lead guitar and drums respectively. This first #k2k song is taking shape! 🎵🌍❤️ #conservationmusic


It was fantastic to check out the Valley of Desolation and the mini Giant Flag project in Graaff Reinet before heading out to link up with the crew at Cape Town International Airport. Some great wildlife sightings, too! Six and a half hours later, I found Chris and Bryan waiting at the airport, from whence we loaded up their gear and shipped out to Observatory, a creative hub and unique neighborhood in Cape Town where we will stay for a while during expedition!

After a few nights in Swaziland, I moved onto Lesotho to lay a few plans there, and to divide up the long drive to Cape Town. A few meetings later I was back on the road, using a border post and route I had never used before. I was on my way to Graaff Reinet, a halfway point to Cape Town, and the site of our carbon sequestering friends at Giant Flag.

Alex, this is awesome stuff! Drive safe

Today marks the first day of the #K2K Expedition, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to begin in the Mother City of Cape Town! We have been blessed to have these two talented and altruistic men, Jack Mantis Band & Gershan Lombard: KhoisanBoy.Man, on the bill for this month’s eco-song collaboration about climate change, unity, and water scarcity. The focus of this song draws from the pressing issue of Cape Town’s water crisis and the impending #dayzero. As this day looms over the city, this song will encourage not only the awareness and preparation for #dayzero, but long term conservation as well, so that this can’t happen again. The process was initiated by an inspiring brainstorm leading to an uplifting melody upon which to build. The grassroots movement is where it starts! We’re so excited to continue expanding the voice of environmental conservation through song, and are eager to keep you all informed on the process! 🎵🌍❤️ #conservationmusic #k2k


Chapter Zero of our caravan begins - transporting the vehicle south from its resting place at Khazimula's Swaziland Studio to our first expedition location: Cape Town, South Africa. From the southern coast tip of Africa, Chapter One (of Thirteen) will begin! First, to lay some groundwork for our Swazi-based project in May...

Catch a glimpse from my packing process for the next adventure with Conservation Music. The team has set out for the #K2K Expedition and will be spending a lot of time on the road! Check out this short clip to see what all is necessary for this year's long venture of eco-song collaboration.

Whoa! That’s intense. Would love to see a photo of it once you get it all packed up.

Expedition Background

Through this expedition, our intentions are the following:

  • Developing 13 new globally inspiring educational songs in local languages up Africa
  • Producing 13 new videos in conjunction with those songs
  • Contributing to the global conversation and sense of urgency regarding our suffering planet
  • Amplifying the voices of local eco-nonprofits and relevant organizations
  • Offering global exposure to hardworking, altruistic artists and organizations alike
  • Scouting locations and individuals for future local Conservation Music satellite organizations
  • Following up on past projects in several locations
  • Building relationships both locally and globally for on-the-ground, in-kind, and financial support

To me, the impact begins with every fellow musician I work with. Musicians are influential, trusted, and powerful communicators. The music we create is relatable, understandable, and inspiring. In this day and age, it is crucial that we step up to the plate as musicians and do what we can to motivate our listeners to take action as well.

Our field crew of three is prepared to make this trek at all costs, and we're confident that the efforts of our support team back home, our growing list of partners, and followers such as yourself will help us realize this mission to its end. Having arrived in Southern Africa a few days back, I'm now in Swaziland retrieving our vehicle and laying the groundwork for our incredible production here in May before I make the long drive south to meet the rest of the field crew in Cape Town. There we will stay for the month of March, in the face of its unprecedented drought, to attempt to bring people together before the Day Zero crisis becomes more violent.

Welcome aboard Expedition #K2K... get excited for imagery, videos, webseries, songs, blog posts, newsletters, interviews, stories, and more! If you believe in what we're doing, please check out our Patreon page here: Can't wait to hit the road with you.

All my best,

Alex Paullin Founder, Conservation Music


Amazing! Really excited to be following along.