Eld Inlet

February 2 2017

Explore Eld Inlet in the South Puget Sound of Washington State

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February 2 2017


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Preparation Stage

Having updated the firmware, I was totally expecting my initial powering on of my OpenROV 2.8 to be only 75% functional based on my lack of experience with acrylic bonding and soldering. I was elated when Ioaded that batteries after assembly and it lit up!

I was even able to connect to the cockpit with very little trouble as well having had some experience with IP networking.

The only issues I noticed at first was that I had installed the camera upside down (the forum advised simply removing it and flipping around which was not too hard) and the starboard LED lights are dimmer on one side. I suspect my rookie soldering to be the root cause and I will look at this later.

For a test run, I put the ROV in a 300 gallon hot tub (unheated) and was amazed that it flew as expected. It soon became apparent that my piloting skills will need some honing.

Greg Mils 1 comment

Great news, Greg. Excited to see video from the inlet!

Expedition Background

Explore Eld Inlet in the southern Puget Sound Area of Washington State. Rock Crab, Graceful Crab, Kelp Crab, Starfish and Jelly Fish are among the known inhabitants.

Greg Mils 1 comment

Excited to follow along!